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Keeping Your Jail Compliant Shouldn't Feel Like a Life Sentence.

Whether you have 1 inmate or 1,000, JailCore is the cell-side tool you can count on to help reduce your jail’s liability and more importantly your workload.

JailCore's powerful feature set streamlines your daily tasks by effotlessly collecting, managing, and reporting the data you need to ensure your core compliance of state-mandated standards.

jailcore mobile compliance software

Why Jailcore?

Save Time

With the use of JailCore's mobile based application, users have experienced a 75% reduction in dispensation rounds. And because inventory is tracked electronically, tedious medication counts can be avoided.

Lower Expenses

Your time IS money! JailCore reduces the staffing hours needed to complete mandated daily tasks as well as protect against the financial burden of frivolous inmate lawsuits.

Reduce Liability

JailCore's electronic records documentation, staff task alerts, and the ability to view your staff’s daily accomplishments in real-time immensly reduce your jail’s liability.

Simplify Tasks

JailCore streamlines your staff’s workflow by integrating many of their daily tasks with automated record keeping to ensure their jobs are being performed the most efficient way possible.

Increase Compliance

Your compliance is our number one goal. JailCore provides a cell-side solution to complete your state mandated tasks in the most organized and effective manner available.

Prevent Errors

Anytime you have a multi-step process, the likelihood of human error increases. Jailcore reduces those errors by integrating the compliance reporting with data collection.