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Managing Your Jail's Compliance Has Never Been Easier.

JailCore is a cutting edge cloud based application specifically designed for the correctional industry.

JailCore’s mobile tablet-based technology will help simplify your daily tasks, reducing your jail’s liability and ensuring compliance of state-mandated standards. Your jail’s compliance is at the core of our business.

jailcore medical and pharmaceutical compliance features
MAR dashboard software

Medication Administration

With the use of JailCore's medication administration feature, your staff's daily dispensation rounds just got easier!

After selecting a pod on the mobile device, the JailCore app will visually notify the user as to which inmates require medication. Once approving the acceptance or denial of each prescription medication, the inmate's signature will be collected cell-side and the inventory of each medication will be accounted for and an electronic MAR will automatically be created!.

Inmate Observation

The tedious task of Suicide Watches and Pod Observations has just been simplified like never before. JailCore’s mobile app gives your staff a hand-held solution to timing and documenting the activities of these important events.

JailCore’s automated countdown clocks will alert your guards with visual, color-coded cues as the clock ticks closer to ZERO. These randomized and automated countdowns will keep the inmates guessing while the user will have an electronic reminder, ensuring the mandated tasks are performed in a timely manner.

jail suicide watch tracking software
jail management dashboard software

Supervisor Dashboard

Logging into the web-based dashboard will enable a Jail Administrator to not only see all captured medication dispensing information in real time, but will also enable an administrator to add new inmates into their system along with prescription medication and dispensing instructions.

The web-based dashboard will also allow an administrator to see the inventory of all medications as well as be prompted as to when to re-order them. Whether it be an employee of the jail or that of a contracted medical vendor, JailCore’s dashboard will give you the ability to oversee the work they did today while track the overall work they did during a contracted period.

Additional Features

Reporting and Analytics

Accountability Logs

Cell-Side Data Collection

Portable Platform

A History of Customer Service

Our founders have a combined 30 years working experience within the corrections industry and know that if we don’t help make your job easier and less stressful, you won’t get the full benefits out of our product, no matter how great it is.

All of us at JailCore are committed to working with you and your staff to make sure our application helps your jail simplify daily tasks and ensure state mandated compliance standards are met and exceeded.