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Increase Efficiency

With the majority of inmates receiving at least one prescribed or over-the-counter medication, managing the administration of these drugs has become an increasingly tedious task. JailCore’s easy to use interface provides a streamlined workflow, resulting in up to a 75% reduction in the time taken to complete a dispensation round.

Track Medications

By electronically accounting for each and every dispensed medication, JailCore provides a real-time inventory of both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. In addition to reducing time spent on dispensation rounds, JailCore simplifies inventory counts by providing automatic re-order alerts leading to reduced rush shipping costs.

Reduce Errors

Managing a jail requires you to keep track of many moving parts. Along with the liability for the safekeeping of inmates, you also have the difficult task of documenting the state-mandated duties of your staff. JailCore provides accountability for daily responsibilities, while reducing liability and maintaining facility compliance.

Cell-Side Data Collection

JailCore simplifies the process of compliance documentation by extending electronic reach of your mobile device cell-side. By utilizing either your facility’s existing Wi-Fi network or your preferred mobile service provider, JailCore seamlessly integrates into your facility by going wherever you go.

JailCore Features

Medication Administration

  • Real-time Documentation
  • Rx Inventory Control
  • Electronic Inmate Signatures
  • Automated Workflow

Inmate Observation

  • Automated Countdown Clocks
  • Record Inmate Activities
  • Randomized To Keep Inmates Guessing
  • Color-Coded Visual Cues

Supervisor & Management Dashboard

  • Real-time View of Rounds
  • View Medication Inventory
  • Dispensing Round Statistics
  • Re-order Reminders

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