About JailCore

About Our Company

In 2004, insurance veterans and long-time friends, Steve Kreal and Frank Carcione founded a company with the single goal of helping county jails save money on inmate medical expenses. Steve’s son DJ joined the team in 2008 to assist in the sales and marketing efforts.

During the first 10 years in business, the advancements in technology changed the way the world managed our social and business lives. But because of the budgetary constraints most jails face, the technological advancements in the correctional industry lagged behind.

Throughout the years of visiting jails and talking to Sheriffs, administrators and correctional officers, we continued seeing a huge need to create a technology that would help jail personnel stay in compliance more efficiently as well as making their jobs easier.

In 2015…JailCore was born. While our focus on saving jails money and staying compliant hasn’t changed, the means in which we get there have.

Our Solution

Whether your jail houses as few as 50 inmates or as many as 5,000, JailCore has you covered! Our solution is easy to customize, seamless to implement and simple to use.