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Nashville Built, Nationally Renowned.

JailCore is cloud-based inmate management software that provides Correctional Officers a simplified solution to securely document the successful completion of all cell checks and observations, head counts, location changes, inmate interactions, and more through the use of a handheld rugged mobile device.

This collected data is then wirelessly transmitted to the JailCore OPS, Command Staff’s Observational Patrol System, where supervisor-level staff members can view this data in real-time and be alerted to past-due observations while having the ability to create customizable reports.

JailCore was born out of the idea that if we could build all-encompassing inmate management software that is simple and intuitive, we could create an environment of transparency and increase the safety and security of both inmates and jail staff—all while reducing a jail’s overall liability.

Our competency lies in the fact that we rely upon the experience and knowledge of our clients to guide us to what’s most important to them to make their jobs easier. We use this feedback to continually create new products and features.

We are experienced in providing a level of customer service that will not be surpassed. Why? Because we’re consumers too, and we know the frustration of not receiving a level of customer service that you should expect.

Our Team

DJ Kreal

DJ Kreal


A native of Nashville and a graduate of Clemson University, DJ likes to spend his free time traveling, playing golf, working out and of course watching Clemson football. After graduation, DJ worked for a Fortune 500 company for 7 years prior to joining Correctional Risk Services, a company his father founded which is in the correctional industry. As DJ visited more and more jails, one thing became evident; the method for capturing, storing and retrieving the state-mandated standards was inefficient and antiquated at best. This led to that entrepreneurial thought, “there has to be a better way” out of which JailCore was born.

Some descriptive words to describe DJ: passionate, competitive, customer-focused and driven. These attributes paired with his vision for a simple, intuitive and affordable technology have enabled JailCore to become an industry leader in only a few short years.

Robby Clements

Robby Clements


As you gaze at Robby Clements’ image, you may be thinking two things: 1.) his future’s so bright he’s gotta wear shades and 2.) he’s a rock star. While his hair is no longer rock star length, this Navy Veteran is passionate and committed about writing inmate management software that is both simple and intuitive; all while managing a team of rock star developers. When not working, Robby likes to spend his time camping, fishing, shooting guns and relaxing with his wife Rachel and four children.

Duane Blevins

Duane Blevins

Sales Manager

Speaking of rock stars, Duane Blevins began playing music at the young age of 5. Born in North Georgia into a musical family, Duane’s talents led him to earning a scholarship at MTSU where he majored in Recording Industry Management. Upon graduation (and a few bands later), Duane worked in the Internet and Technology marketplace for 8 years prior to a successful 15 year career selling real-estate. Duane joined JailCore as our first full-time sales rep as he was searching for an industry with more stability that he knew and was passionate about. Duane’s biggest asset is his ability to listen to and connect with current and potential clients. His sales success comes not from an ability to “sell” but more from his ability to fully understand a jail’s pain points and clearly communicate viable solutions.

JailCore's rugged device with mobile app screenshot.

Our Solution

Whether your jail houses as few as 50 inmates or as many as 5,000, JailCore has you covered! Our solution is easy to customize, seamless to implement and simple to use.