JailCore MOBILE – Correctional Officer Mobile Application

Provide a Virtual Roadmap and Simplify Documentation With JailCore’s Mobile

Loaded on a durable, rugged mobile device, JailCore’s Android-based mobile jail app provides Correctional Officers with an automated roadmap of the daily tasks and activities they need to track and document, along with visual alerts, color-coded cues and notifications to guide them through their day.

Jailcore mobile features include:

Inmate Observation

Suicide and special needs watches can be some of the most time-consuming and critical duties your staff is tasked to complete. This feature helps officers easily log the specific and customizable state the inmate was in during the observation and provides them with a visual countdown clock and alert as to when the next timed observation is due.

Cell Check

Track cell checks and the timing between each one, alerting officers when cells aren’t checked after a customizable set period of time.

Inmate Manager

Allows officers to quickly locate where inmates are housed via a quick search, put them on more frequent watches, or add notes or photos that sync directly with inmate files.

Medication Dispensation

Alerts officers to inmates that require medication, allowing them to collect signatures electronically for the acceptance or rejection of these meds. Automatically creates a medication administration record (MAR) that tracks which meds were given and which were refused or missed.

Activities and Locations

Helps officers stay on top of the activities and locations of inmates in real time.

Items & Supplies

Provides real-time inventory logs of what items and supplies have been checked out to your inmates or even checked out by your staff including visual alerts for high risk items such as razors.


Tracks headcounts in cells at the beginning and end of shift changes and alerts officers to any missing inmates.

Daily Log

Enables officers to make notes on the fly with the ability to record voice-activated entries.


Continually ranks top-performing officers by day, month or year, creating opportunities for gamification and increased accountability.