Key Advantages of Our Inmate Tracking System

JailCore’s Facility Management Benefits


Boost Efficiency and Transparency With JailCore’s Simple, Intuitive Solution

No matter how big or small your jail is, you know the inefficiencies that come along with paper documentation and the increased complexities paper lends to staying compliant with state-mandated standards.

By simplifying and automating these tedious documenting tasks for officers, JailCore’s cloud-based application saves time and reduces the chances of mistakes and oversights. Jail supervisors can also remotely track correction data and evaluate activity throughout their facility, improving transparency and minimizing liability.

Unlike any other inmate tracking system on the market, we spend a great deal of time ensuring our app is so intuitive that anyone can use it with minimal training. JailCore requires no servers or expensive startup costs. And because our NFC technology doesn’t require a power source, installation takes seconds and is generally done by maintenance staff. This simplicity lends itself to a lower price point and less disruption for your jail.

Your prison management benefits don’t stop there. Our platform is also agile and easy to customize. We continually enhance our product features based on input from professionals on the inside and are capable of creating new features quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Image of Jailcore's rugged mobile app.


Whether your jail houses as few as 50 inmates or as many as 5,000, JailCore has you covered! Our solution is easy to customize, seamless to implement and simple to use.