JailCore Features

Make Compliance Easy With JailCore’s Mobile Application and Command Staff Operational Platform

JailCore uses cutting-edge wireless technology known as Near-Field Communication (NFC) to simplify and automate inmate tracking and documentation inside correctional facilities while ensuring your Correctional Officers had to be in specific locations to perform their job. The simplicity of the platform will lead to enhanced transparency, efficiency and accountability while ensuring the compliance of state-mandated standards.

Built specifically for jails, our platform includes two integrated features:


JailCore’s Android-based mobile app for jail management comes loaded on a durable, rugged mobile device equipped to withstand drops and damage. It allows Correctional Officers to quickly and easily log a range of daily tasks, including cell inspections, inmate observations, medication dispensations, location changes and much more. The app also provides visual alerts, prompts and notifications to help staff prioritize activities and manage their workflow in the smartest, most efficient way.


JailCore’s cloud-based Command Staff Observational Patrol System enables administrators to keep tabs on the activities of both individual inmates and Correctional Officers in real-time. It syncs directly with the app, so supervisors can monitor staff remotely to ensure tasks are actually performed. The dashboard also includes reporting and analytic tools, allowing administrators to drill down or obtain big-picture views of activity throughout their jail as well as capture electronic records necessary to defend against potential lawsuits.

Benefits for Jail/Prison Management

Need a virtual solution to jail/prison management and facility compliance that can be easily integrated into your operations? JailCore’s NFC-enabled platform is simple to install, intuitive and adaptable. Discover what makes our application different.