JailCore Strength, Wolverine Tough



Introducing Wolverine, the pinnacle of mobile RFID inmate tracking technology.

This rugged, secure, and reliable device is compatible with JailCore’s mobile jail app and corrections management system. With a generous 5.45-inch screen featuring drop resistance, Wolverine provides a clear and durable interface for Correctional Officers on duty, no matter the environment. Built to withstand the demands of the field, this device is not only robust but also equipped with a hot-swappable battery ensuring it powers through an entire shift. Wolverine’s superior technology offers a larger display, an enhanced NFC/RFID scan engine, and cutting-edge solutions for integrated device management. Experience efficiency redefined with Wolverine and its accompanying Accessories, which enhance the functionality and usability of the JailCore System. Wolverine offers innovation, reliability, and optimal performance in the challenging enterprise frontline environment.

Jailcore mobile features include:

Vivid 5.45″ Display

Immerse yourself in optimum clarity, no matter your work environment conditions. The Wolverine’s largest-in-class display delivers quality information and unrivaled readability, ensuring visibility even in bright sunlight.

Rugged Resilience

Experience unmatched durability. Our device, fortified with cutting-edge technology, sets the standard with an industry-leading 8 ft. drop resistance and IP68 sealing, ensuring reliability in any condition.

Swift NFC/RFID Capture

Increase efficiency with high-speed NFC/RFID technology, compatible on all Wolverine devices. Wolverine’s Near Field Communication capabilities allow for touchless proximity scans and work at extended ranges to hasten and streamline inmate check-ins.

Drop-Resistant Construction

Built tough to endure. Wolverine can withstand multiple 8 ft./2.4m drops to concrete, ensuring reliability in demanding conditions.

WiFi Speed, Effortless Login

Stay connected seamlessly. Wolverine offers fast WiFi connectivity, coupled with a smooth login experience for swift access to vital information.

HD Video and Audio

Capture every incident with precision with Wolverine’s high-resolution 13MP autofocus video and audio capabilities, complete with a flash for enhanced visibility. 

JailCore Harmony

Experience synergy in action. Wolverine seamlessly integrates with JailCore’s software, ensuring a harmonious workflow for optimal inmate management.

Secure Cloud Sync

Instantly and securely sync data, including high-res video and audio and inmate activity data, to the Cloud with Wolverine’s unlimited data storage capabilities.

Supply Your Own Device

For optimal performance, we recommend using Wolverine’s rugged mobile devices to run JailCore’s mobile RFID inmate tracking system. However, correctional facilities can choose to use their own JailCore-compatible devices instead. JailCore will help configure the software to your jail’s rugged devices for you to ensure maximum security and performance. Compatible devices include any rugged Android device with NFC capabilities. If you’re unsure if your devices are compatible with JailCore’s mobile jail app technology please contact us to find out.