Correctional Facility Inmate Management System

Free your jail from tedious paperwork and potential liability risks with JailCore’s inmate management system, including our Mobile Application and Command Staff Observational Patrol System.

Jailcore's rugged mobile app for inmate management

Is your facility still relying on paper to track inmate activities, watches and counts?

It’s time to simplify your compliance documentation process and increase transparency and accountability with Jailcore’s cloud-based application.

Advanced Security

The JailCore app is locked down with one of the most advanced wireless technologies in corrections, Near-Field Communication (NFC), so you have complete assurance and proof that your staff is actually completing and documenting activities in the most timely and efficient manner.

Constant Evolution

Developed with input and suggestions from professionals on the inside, JailCore is constantly updating and evolving with the goal of making both your and your staff’s jobs easier.

Reduce Human Error

JailCore reduces the potential for human error and gives you the analytic tools at your disposal to create real-time reports anytime, anywhere and from any computer or device with an internet connection.

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Whether your jail houses as few as 50 inmates or as many as 5,000, JailCore has you covered! Our solution is easy to customize, seamless to implement and simple to use.


Need a virtual solution to jail management and compliance that can be easily integrated into your facility? JailCore’s NFC-enabled inmate management system is simple to install, intuitive, and adaptable. Discover what makes our software and mobile application different.