Wolverine Accessories:


Elevate your rugged mobile documenting experience with accessories designed to enhance the functionality and usability of the JailCore System. Introducing Wolverine, an extremely rugged mobile device compatible with JailCore’s documentation platform. At JailCore, we understand the importance of efficient and secure inmate identification processes within correctional facilities. That’s why we offer a range of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and usability of the JailCore system.

inmate identification wristband system

Key Fobs

Streamline the login process with our NFC/RFID-equipped Key Fobs. These Key Fobs provide quick and secure access to JailCore MOBILE, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. To log in instantly, scan the Key Fob with Wolverine or any compatible device. Additionally, our Key Fobs are reusable, making them a cost-effective solution for managing user access. Keep a supply of 20+ on hand to accommodate new hires or lost Key Fobs. Plus, with the ability to reprogram Key Fobs directly through Wolverine, managing access permissions is easier than ever.

inmate identification wristband system

Location Tags

Ensure accountability and oversight with our NFC/RFID Location Tags. These rugged tags are embedded with NFC/RFID chips, providing tamper-proof identification of observation points within your facility. Mount them outside or inside cells to ensure clear visibility for officers. Each Location Tag is custom-coded through the JailCore system, specifying the designated cell or area. With a lifespan of 10+ years, these tags offer long-lasting reliability. However, having extras on hand for replacements or additional installations is prudent. With the capability to reprogram Location Tags directly through Wolverine, adapting to changing facility needs is seamless.

inmate identification wristband system

Inmate Identification Wristband Inserts or ID Cards

Streamline inmate management with NFC/RFID-enabled Inmate Identification Wristband Inserts or ID Cards.  These optional accessories provide Officers a streamlined method to conduct head counts, manage meal passes, and monitor location movements with improved accuracy. Whether opting for Wristband Inserts or ID Cards, these NFC/RFID solutions offer flexibility to suit your facility’s needs. Custom coding through JailCore MOBILE by authorized users eliminates the dependency on bulky or costly external devices, simplifying the administrative process and ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. Note:  Wristband Inserts can be laminated into any brand of wristband, and ID Cards can be custom printed using any PVC card printer.

Comprehensive Inmate Identification Solutions

All accessories are compatible with JailCore MOBILE, JailCore Ops, and WardenEyeOne software. Pair accessories with the Wolverine rugged mobile device or supply your own rugged mobile device. Have questions abot our inmate tracking technology? Contact us with any questions.