How Inmate Monitoring Systems Improve Prison Efficiency and Reduce Risk

Jun 28, 2023

inmate monitoring systems

It’s no secret that staying compliant with the many standards set for your Correctional Facility can be a daunting task.  While the typical pen and paper system for documenting inmate interactions was at one time the only way, technological advancements have paved the way for innovative solutions that streamline operations and enhance security.  One such advancement is the implementation of an inmate monitoring system which will not only reduce the clutter of paperwork, but more importantly, will minimize the chance of preventable catastrophic events caused by human error.      

Enhancing Prison Efficiencies by Streamlining Documentation

The documentation process is an essential aspect of managing inmates and ensuring a secure environment. However, traditional paper documentation methods can be inefficient, time-consuming and prone to errors. Inmate monitoring systems simplify and streamline these processes, allowing staff members to focus more on core tasks.

Digital inmate monitoring systems like JailCore allow Correctional Officers to easily capture inmate activities and counts by using rugged mobile devices, simplifying the old pen and paper method.  This data can be captured by the touch of a button and notes can be recorded by simply speaking into the device.

Command Staff benefit by having the ability to see all of this collected data in real-time from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.  This transparent electronic data enables Supervisors to create customizable reports to view trends, pin-point staffing inefficiencies and monitor how compliant their jail is in performing timed rounds.

Reducing Risks and Enhancing Security

One of the key features that sets JailCore apart is its utilization of a cutting-edge wireless technology called Near Field Communication/Radio-frequency Identification (NFC/RFID). By leveraging NFC/RFID, JailCore ensures that Correctional Officers must scan a cell-mounted NFC/RFID tag to successfully complete their assigned task.  This necessary step gives Command Staff peace of mind that their Officers had to physically be in that location to perform their duties.

Another beneficial feature to help reduce risk while enhancing security are late notification alerts.  Whether it be the visible and audible alerts on the rugged mobile devices used by Correctional Officers, or the color-coded alerts viewable by Command Staff on any internet connected device, these alerts prevent events from happening that could have been avoided.

The Revolution of Inmate Monitoring Systems

Inmate monitoring systems have revolutionized the way Correctional Facilities operate. By improving efficiency, reducing risks, and streamlining documentation processes, these systems enable prison staff to focus on their core responsibilities while maintaining a secure environment. JailCore’s unique features, including its sleek design and advanced wireless technology, make it a standout solution in the market. As technology advances, inmate monitoring systems will play an increasingly vital role in improving prison efficiency and overall security.